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These high quality sealants will give your paint a protective finish and will not cloud your paints. 

1/4 fl oz./ 7.39 ml

 Gloss Absolutely necessary for sealing the whites of eyeballs before painting in the irises. Also great for giving doll lips a shiny glare. Use it to create an ultra-smooth surface underneath glazes for a flawless, brushstroke-free finish. This gloss can be used straight out of the bottle without diluting.
Matte Best for most parts of the doll face that you want matte, such as eyelids. Matte sealant can sometimes be too thick for certain applications so it is recommended to dilute with 50% water.
Satin Great for the lips if you don't want it to be too shiny or matte. It give a subtle sheen to the paint.
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