Collection: Kanekalon Doll Hair

Doll-grade Kanekalon Hair is very fine, very soft, and is used by doll manufacturers for extremely stick-straight hairstyles, as well as for curly hairstyles. Kanekalon Doll Hair was popularly used on Barbie dolls since the 1980’s and still used today! The Kanekalon Doll Hair sold on Dollyhair is not the human-grade Kanekalon that you can buy at your local beauty supply store. You'll be able to distinguish Kanekalon hair from saran hair by seeing that Kanekalon hair strands are thinner than saran hair strands. Furthermore, Kanekalon Hair is not quite as shiny as Saran Hair. Kanekalon Hair is extremely responsive to heat styling and can take any style you'd like it to have. Kanekalon hair can withstand the hottest boiling water, and it's probably the most user-friendly of all the synthetic hair types so it's a great hair to use if you're a beginner.
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Dollyhair Kanekalon Doll Hair

Dollyhair offers quality, doll-grade Kanekalon Hair that is rare to find. Make your dolls unique with Kanekalon Doll Hair from Dollyhair! You're already familiar with doll-grade Kanekalon Hair if you've inspected the hair of Barbie dolls. Mattel is one toy company who uses Kanekalon Hair on their dolls. Generally, Mattel will use Kanekalon hair on their playline dolls, while they'll use Saran hair on their collector dolls. However, this is, by no means, a hard and fast rule, and you'll find many collector Barbie dolls with Kanekalon hair and many playline Barbie dolls with Saran hair. At Dollyhair you can easily recreate a classic look on your doll by rerooting with Kanekalon Doll Hair.