Collection: Saran™ Doll Hair

Saran™ Doll Hair is a long-time favorite of many people, and it's the type of hair that is most often used for Barbie dolls (but Mattel uses Kanekalon Hair on Barbies sometimes, too). It has a waxy feel, which helps keep flyaway hair strands at bay, and it's weighted more heavily than other types of hair. It's somewhat resistant to curling, so if you're going to curl it, we suggest overcompensating by about 50% by using smaller curlers and smaller sections of hair than you want the final result to be. It can be boil permed with very hot water.

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Dollyhair Saran Doll Hair

Restore and refresh your dolls with the best quality Saran Doll Hair from Dollyhair. The very same hair used by Mattel for Barbie and Monster High Dolls! Experience the superior characteristics of Saran Doll Hair, including its remarkable softness, durability, and an extensive range of vibrant colors. Whether you prefer curly, wavy, or straight hair, rerooting doll hair has never been easier with Saran's premium strands, as you effortlessly reroot and style your doll's hair for stunning, lifelike hairstyles that endure over time. Elevate your rerooting projects with confidence, knowing that Saran Doll Hair ensures long-lasting beauty and resilience. Unlock your imagination and bring your dream dolls to life with Saran Doll Hair from Dollyhair.

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