Collection: My Little Pony Hair

In the toy market, Nylon Hair is used for My Little Ponies. Dollyhair is proud to be the first retailer of the same Nylon Hair used for My Little Ponies by Hasbro. Our manufacturer has confirmed that they are Hasbro's supplier of Nylon Hair for My Little Ponies. This is the real stuff - genuine My Little Pony Nylon Hair!

Vintage My Little Pony Hair Matches

Browse through our color matches for vintage My Little Pony hair or use the search bar above to find matches for a specific pony, generation, collection or year. If you need help matching a color, please email us a well-lit photo of the hair you would like us to suggest a match for.

NOTICE: My Little Ponies, many of whom are 30+ years old, are known to have their hair colors fade or change over time. Some of the hair colors are more prone to this than others. The Nylon Hair that we sell is purchased from the same supplier that Hasbro purchases from, but there still may be variations between your ponies and our hair, since our hair is brand new and unchanged by time. Due to this, we offer multiple hues for one pony but we cannot guarantee an exact match for every color.

More Nylon colors for My Little Pony

Create your own fantasy hairstyle for your favorite My Little Pony with our wide range of nylon colors!

My Little Pony Nylon Hair from Dollyhair

Look no further if you need high-quality Nylon Doll Hair to match your My Little Pony! At Dollyhair, we have genuine My Little Pony Nylon Doll Hair in an extensive array of colors to match generations of vintage My Little Pony hair that needs rerooting or restoration. Explore our Nylon Hair for My Little Pony and bring new life to your cherished ponies!