Collection: Doll Hair Rerooting Tool & Doll Rerooting Needles

Our quality Reroot Tools and Rerooting Needles are designed to make rerooting a breeze! With Dollyhair's reroot tool and rerooting needles, and you will see the difference! 

  • How much hair do I need?

    Detailed information about our hair sizes and how much you would need for your project.

    Hair Size Guide 
  • Styling Doll Hair

    Learn about the different types of hair and how to style them after rerooting.

    Doll Hair Types 

Unleash Your Doll Customization Skills with Premium Doll Hair Rerooting Supplies!

At Dollyhair, we offer a comprehensive selection of top-notch tools and materials to support your doll hair rerooting and rehairing projects. Our rerooting kits come complete with everything you need to transform your doll's hair. Start your journey into doll hair customization with confidence, thanks to our easy rerooting tutorials and expertly crafted supplies. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner in the art of rerooting, our high-quality materials will help you achieve stunning results. Join the community of doll enthusiasts who trust Dollyhair for all their doll hair and rerooting needs!