Collection: Polypropylene Doll Hair

Polypropylene Doll Hair is an extremely lightweight hair that is somewhere a cross between Saran and Nylon. The texture and feel is similar to Saran while it has the flexible styling properties similar to nylon making it a very versatile hair to work with! It can be boil permed and styled the same way Nylon can. Polypropylene Hair is manufactured with an oily product to keep the strands together so this must be washed off with shampoo or dish liquid to achieve a softer and smoother texture. Boil washing will make it softer as well but make sure to only use mildly simmering water when boil washing. Polypropylene is nonporous, which means that it can't be dyed with fabric dye, or scented with our doll hair fragrances. 
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