Glossary of Doll Customization Terms


Bait pony or Bait doll: A doll or a My Little Pony figure that is in poor condition, often missing parts or damaged, and is used as a base for customization or restoration.

Boil wash or Boil perm: A method of styling doll hair by immersing it in boiling water to set the desired style or remove any existing styling.

Doll Needle: A long, thin needle with a sharp point, used for various doll customization tasks such as sewing, attaching accessories or rerooting hair.

Hank: A hank refers to a bundle or skein of doll hair, typically used for rerooting dolls. It is a measured amount of hair tied together at one end.

BJD - Ball Jointed Doll: A type of doll that features ball and socket joints, allowing for a wide range of articulation and posing. BJDs are often highly customizable, with interchangeable parts and customizable face-ups.

MLP - My Little Pony: A popular toy line of small plastic ponies produced by Hasbro. My Little Pony figures are often customized by collectors, including rerooting, repainting, and adding custom accessories or features.

OOAK doll (One Of A Kind doll): Refers to a doll or any artistic creation that is unique and not replicated or mass-produced. OOAK dolls are often customized to create individualized and distinctive characters.

Repaint or Face up : The process of repainting a doll's face, usually using acrylic paints, to enhance or completely change the doll's original facial features and expression.

Rerooting or Rehairing: The process of replacing the hair of a doll or a doll's head by removing the existing hair and inserting new hair strands or fibers. On our website we offer two methods for rerooting: with a Reroot Tool and Rerooting Needles or the Doll Needle and Thread Method.

Rerooting Needle: A specialized needle with a pronged tip at one end, used specifically for rerooting dolls. It helps to guide and secure hair strands into the doll's head during the rerooting process.

Reroot Tool: Typically a hollow metal handle consisting of an adjustable chuck and collet that is used for holding rerooting needles while rerooting dolls.

Thatching: A doll hair styling technique that involves overlapping alternating sections hair at the part-line to give it a finished or factory-made look.