Needle Size Guide

Needle Size Suggested Doll
4 Very large dolls with thicker heads, 28" and above such as My Size Barbie. For rerooting curls and braids
5, 6 LOL OMG, Rainbow High, dolls 14" and above
7 My Little Pony, Silkstone Barbies, Monster High, Poppy Parker, Fashion Royalty, Gene, Tonner, and similar dolls with firm heads
8 Regular size Barbie dolls, and similar dolls with soft heads
9, 10 For very fine rerooting such as hairlines or eyelashes. Can also be used on Reborn Dolls

These are our suggested rerooting needle sizes for most common dolls. The smaller the needle, the more likely it can bend or break, while the larger the needle, the higher the risk of splitting the doll's scalp. The goal is to use the smallest size rerooting needle that's appropriate for your project and if it breaks once in a while, then that's ok. But if your needle is breaking too often, then you may want to consider going with a larger size.