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Copper Blonde Curly Saran Doll Hair

Copper Blonde Curly Saran Doll Hair

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Dollyhair proudly carries hard-to-find Curly Saran Doll Hair! Curly Saran Doll Hair has not been in production for several decades, making them an exceptionally rare find! Enjoy the ease of rerooting your dolls with Curly Saran Doll Hair and making a truly one of a kind creation! We offer Curly Saran Doll Hair in a variety of colors and curl sizes ranging from 3mm to 25mm.

Note: Not all colors are available in all curl sizes


Size Guide

Each bag contains enough Curly Saran to root mid length hair on one regular size 12 inch doll with a head circumference of 4-5 inches. The curls come in one continuous strand that is coiled, so you will need to cut the strands to suit the length that you need.



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