• Call or text : 616-61-DOLLY - that's 616-613-6559


That's right - call or text 616-61-DOLLY (616-613-6559), which is our preferred contact method with the quickest reply. Customers outside of the U.S. and Canada can use Whatsapp to contact us via the same phone number. IF YOU NEED AN IMMEDIATE OR QUICK REPLY, THEN CALL OR TEXT.

If you cannot call or text, then you may email us at Dollyhairmail@gmail.com, but please know that email is NOT checked every day. Please DO NOT email us if you have an urgent matter.

Please DO NOT contact us if you're "just wondering" about your order status and less than three business days have passed since you placed your order. Replying to you takes away time that we could spend processing/shipping other customers' orders as well as yours. Although we often ship same-day and always try to do so, we do ask that you allow us three business days to process and ship your order. Once your shipping label is printed and your tracking number is generated, the tracking number will automatically be emailed to you. If you haven't received an email with your tracking number, then that means that your order has not shipped yet. The vast majority of our orders ship within three business days, but if you order something that's out-of-stock and we expect it to be in stock by the 5th business day, then we will hold onto your order for as many as five business days. Therefore, please do not worry, and please do not contact us to ask about order status, unless more than five business days have passed since you placed your order.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that we are located in California (Pacific Standard Time) if you're an early bird who lives in an earlier time zone. If you send a text message earlier than 9:00 AM Pacific Time, then it will probably be overlooked (unintentionally) until later in the day.

Thank you so much for your understanding. As much as we would like to answer every question that you have, we don't always have enough time. Eventually, it could get to the point where an additional employee would need to be hired, and that would cause us to have to raise our prices to pay that employee.