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note: "quantity 1" means you're ordering 5 hanks for $15.00. So if you change the quantity to 2, for instance, then you'll be ordering 10 hanks for $30.00.
These bags are only being sold in bulk - it's $15.00 for 5 hanks. You may only purchase them in groups of 5.

We have some odds and ends of secondhand doll hair that we just can't sell on the site. This is either because they contain odd amounts of hair, or because they contain blended colors that may not be requested by a customer again for a long time. So rather than just let them sit around, we're selling them here. The photos on the left are some of our actual secondhand bags. To give you an idea of their size, each bag measures 6" by 4".

NOW, the hair that you receive in these bags could be saran, nylon, acetate, polypropylene, curly, straight, whatever. It is totally random.


These are the regular size doll needles that are normally sold as part of the reroot kit. These needles are 3 inches long.


Here, you can purchase extra cards of upholstery thread. When you're rerooting with the needle and thread method, regular sewing thread just isn't strong enough to endure all that tension, so you really need a strong thread. This is the same thread that's included with out reroot kit. This card offers a length of thread that's approximately 5 feet in length.