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I co-published this magazine, and I am the editor-in-chief. I wrote many of the tutorials myself. In my opinion, this publication is indespensable not only to beginners, but also to accomplished doll artists. Honestly, I set out to offer the best magazine that I could publish, with tutorials from some of the most respected artists in our field. Buy one issue to see how you like it, and I know that you'll want to buy all of the other issues after that! Unfortunately, due to the fact that we didn't have enough advertisers, and also because I had a difficult pregnancy, the magazine was forced to go on hiatus for the year 2012, and we also didn't complete our six issues for 2011. However, Doll Customizer Magazine is NOT DEAD, and it will resume publication in the future. For now, you are welcome to order back issues of the magazine - there are four issues total, and QUANTITIES ARE LIMITED, SO THESE ARE ONLY AVAILABLE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!!

February 2011

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Doll Customizer Magazine - the magazine by doll artists, for doll artists

The February 2011 issue - Cover artist Elaine Donovan (Dolls by Passion) with an angel wing tutorial. Also includes: doll customization basics, BJD-style lips, a repaint in ten easy steps with Lisa Baldwin, how to make a weft, chocolate-covered strawberries with Chef Gina, how to use acetone correctly, Barbie's transformation into a satyr, elf ears with Dolly Duke, enhancement repainting with Famaka, a tutorial on Adobe Photoshop for doll backgrounds, an article about eyeshadow colors to make your dolls' eyes stand out, sewing patterns, and more.

The April 2011 issue - Cover artist Ninimomo with a fascinator tutorial. Also includes: dental extractions and mouth-sculpting, dollhouse fish bowl, recreating the #1 vintage Barbie with Ginger Roberts, a panoramic Easter egg tutorial with Chef Gina, how to create Anime-style dolls, sculpted wings with Debra "Bee" Rohlfs, a Chinoiserie cabinet woodworking pattern and tutorial, a sewing pattern, and more.

The June 2011 issue - Cover artist Laurie Lenz with an eyebrow-painting tutorial. Also includes: how to make doll eyes from polymer clay, removing a doll's head with Robin Conner, 4th of July cookie bouquet with Chef Gina, Shiloh Lenz' chainmaille jewelry tutorial, a cyborg Obitsu tutorial complete with a section on LED lights, rerooting with Terry Brazier, a sewing pattern from Vanessa Ford, and more.

The August 2011 issue - Cover artist Jess Rollar shows us how to mattify Blythe's face. Also includes: an LV handbag tutorial in 1:6 scale, sculpting doll hands with Leslie Merz, a lantern tutorial, Chef Gina and Barbie go on a dinner cruise, painting celebrity dolls with Wendy Hench, Angela Purcell's face sculpt-finding service, customizing Barbie to look like Paris Hilton, the doll fashions of Orlando Mercado Brown and a sewing pattern from him, a woodworking tutorial and pattern to make an antique demilune, and more.

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Doll Customizer Magazine- $14.95 per issue
February 2011

April 2011

June 2011

August 2011


ONE RANDOM BAG OF DOLL HAIR! NOTICE- these bags are only being sold in bulk - it's $10.00 for 5 hanks. You may only purchase them in groups of 5.

We have some odds and ends of secondhand doll hair that we just can't sell on the site. This is either because they contain odd amounts of hair, or because they contain blended colors that may not be requested by a customer again for a long time. So rather than just let them sit around, we're selling them here. The photos on the left are some of our actual secondhand bags. To give you an idea of their size, each bag measures 6" by 4".

The random bags of doll hair are sold for $2.00 apiece, and we GUARANTEE that the same amount of doll hair would normally sell on the site for anywhere between $2.50 and $18.50 (the average bag being worth about $5.00 - $6.00), so you'll be getting a discount no matter what!

NOW, the hair that you receive in these bags could be saran, nylon, acetate, polypropylene, curly, straight, whatever. It is totally random. You are completely welcome to make requests in the OPTIONAL text box below (for instance, "please send only saran hair", or "please give me mostly blonde hair," and we will HONESTLY make our best possible effort to fulfill your requests, but we make NO GUARANTEES that you will receive what you ask for. Think of it as a surprise!

RANDOM GRAB BAG OF DOLL HAIR- $10.00 for 5 hanks

note: "quantity 1" below means you're ordering 5 hanks for $10.00. So if you change the quantity to 2, for instance, then you'll be ordering 10 hanks for $20.00.
$10.00 Qty  


These 5 inch long needles are great for people who use the needle and thread rerooting method, which is offered in our reroot kit. The reroot kit offers the regular doll needles that are shown below, but sometimes you just need a longer needle for those larger doll heads!


These are the regular size doll needles that are normally sold as part of the reroot kit. These needles are 3 inches long.


Here, you can purchase extra cards of upholstery thread. When you're rerooting with the needle and thread method, regular sewing thread just isn't strong enough to endure all that tension, so you really need a strong thread. This is the same thread that's included with out reroot kit. This card offers a length of thread that's approximately 5 feet in length.

A doll with her hair styled in a ponytail who's sitting in a curio cabinet will need Latex-free elastics, because the latex elastics below will soften and crack over time, but the Latex-free elastics will not disintegrate over time. You need Latex-free elastics if the elastics are going to be in the doll's hair for an extended period of time.

LATEX-FREE DOLL HAIR ELASTICS- 100 elastics for $4.00    How many bags do you want? Qty

These tiny elastic rubber bands are perfect for styling doll hair. They're latex free, so they won't disintegrate over time like latex elastics will! If your doll's hairstyle involves elastics (a ponytail, for instance), then you will need the latex-free elastics. You get 100 elastics in each bag. Each elastic measures 1/3 inch in diameter. The penny is shown for a size reference :)

Latex elastics can withstand heat, so they're what you want to use for heat styling (boil perming with boiling water). The Latex-free elastics above cannot withstand boiling water.

LATEX DOLL HAIR ELASTICS- 100 elastics for $4.00    How many bags do you want? Qty

Unlike the elastics above, these elastics ARE made from latex. These tiny elastic rubber bands are perfect for styling doll hair with hot water. Since they have latex, they can withstand hot water, unlike the latex-free elastics above! You get 100 elastics in each bag. Each elastic measures 1/3 inch in diameter. The penny is shown for a size reference :) You get 100 elastics in each bag. Each elastic measures 1/3 inch in diameter. The penny is shown for a size reference :)

Please note: the photo on the left is a photo of the NON-latex elastics. The latex ones look very similar (I have not photographed them yet), except they're a yellowish color instead of being clear.

FABRI-TAC GLUE- $6.00    Qty

One 1 oz. bottle of Fabri-Tac glue. Yes, it's still being sold on the reroot tool page as well, but it's available on this page too, just to make it easier for you to purchase! This glue is perfect for putting inside your doll's head to secure the hair that you've rooted. This glue is thick, not watery, and once it's dry, it's waterproof! If you use the reroot tool, then you need this glue to secure the hair.

SPECIAL!    One My Little Pony nylon hank in the color "tennis ball"

On sale for $2.50, but the normal retail price is $3.12! The color that is offered here will change periodically.

One My Little Pony hank in the color "tennis ball"- $2.50 Qty

SPECIAL!    One My Little Pony polypropylene hank in the color "caliente"

On sale for $2.50, but the normal retail price is $3.12! The color that is offered here will change periodically.

One My Little Pony hank in the color "caliente"- $2.50 Qty

SPECIAL!    One saran RD hank in the color "champagne blonde"

On sale for $2.00, but the normal retail price is $2.50! The color that is offered here will change periodically.

One RD hank in the color "champagne blonde"- $2.00 Qty



The diameter of the glass lens is 2.5". The magnification power is 4X (objects will appear 4 times larger than normal). All parts of the magnifier rotate 360 degrees. The magnifier also includes two clips, which are great if you want to attach a photo to use as a reference while you're painting your doll.



Just PERFECT for getting inside the heads of dolls with small neck holes, like Barbie, to pull all of the hair out from inside the head before you reroot! The pliers are narrow enough to fit into small neck holes without causing any damage to the edge of the neck hole.

Approximately 6 in. (15 cm) total length.

NOTICE: the manufacturer made some slight changes to these pliers, so the pliers that you will actually receive will look like this: ... same thing, basically, but the handles are black now.

Needle nose pliers - $11.50 Qty


I made these bumper stickers myself, in Photoshop, as a promotional item to be passed out at Jemcon a couple of years ago. The bumper sticker reads, "Me and my friends are Jem Girls," - the words from the TV show's song, as you probably know.

Approximately 11 in. wide and 3 in. tall.

Show your love for Jem by putting this bumper sticker on your car!

Jem bumper sticker - $3.50 Qty