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Due to the fact that there are so many types of high quality doll hair offered these days, Dollyhair has made the decision to no longer sell our regular doll hair, because it's simply stiffer and coarser than the other types of hair that we offer.

This page will remain here as a placeholder, awaiting the arrival of our new line of polypropylene hair, which will be here in a few months. The new polypropylene hair will be sold on this page once we have it in stock.

In the interim, please browse the wonderful array of colors that we offer in nylon, saran, acetate, and mohair.

While Dollyhair still strives to remain the largest source on the internet for the widest variety of doll hair, we feel that the regular doll hair just doesn't meet the high level of quality that the other types of hair offer, so that was the basis for our decision to no longer sell the regular doll hair.

If you're badly in need of some regular doll hair so you can finish a particular project, please feel free to e-mail us and request it, because we do still have some old stock on hand.