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So sorry, but our mohair is shipped directly from the farm where the sheep live, and my friend who ships the mohair is behind with her shipments right now due to the fact that two of her sheep died and one became very ill. She did the right thing, in my opinion, by taking some time off from work so that she could spend some time with her sheep during their last days, as they are very well-loved by her and her family, and, as a result, she fell behind with her shipments. As a result, mohair is temporarily unavailable on right now, until my friend is all caught up with her shipments. I thank you for your understanding, as I am a HUGE animal lover and completely agree with my friend's decision, and I hope that you agree, as well. I am proud of the fact that the mohair sold on is from a farm where the sheep are given the best possible care and love, and when these living beings are supplying a commodity, it's important that their comfort and happiness take precedence over any monetary benefits that they may offer. I'm sure that you agree.