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NYLON: It looks beautiful, it feels beautiful, and it's one of the the easiest to style types of hair. It is extremely strong, and it's less prone to breaking than the other kinds of hair. It takes a curl very easily, and can just as easily be straightened again, if need be. It can be boil permed, but it doesn't have to be! Wet it with room temperature water, set it in curlers, let it air dry, take the curlers out, and you've got beautiful curls or waves! If you want really tight curls, a boil perm will never hurt, as long as you don't boil youir water at too hot of a temperature. Nylon and polypropylene can only withstand mildly simmering water, so when you see the air bubbles just beginning to rise to the water's surface in your pot, that's the temperature at which you should perm nylon and polypropylene. Any hotter than that, and the hair could frizz. Nylon can also be baked without having its integrity affected! To read more about baking it, please refer to the Rerooting Tips and Tricks page. Nylon hair is used primarily by Hasbro (My little Ponies, Corn Silk Cabbage Patch Kids, etc.) and by the Ashton-Drake company (Gene, Madra, etc.) is the FIRST and ONLY website to offer nylon 6 doll hair to the public on a retail level. It has only been available on this website since October 2005.

SARAN: Saran hair is gorgeous! It is a long-time favorite of many people, and it's the type of hair that is most often used for Barbie dolls (but Mattel uses kanekalon on Barbies sometimes, too). It has a waxy feel, which helps keep flyaway hair strands at bay, and it's weighted more heavily than other types of hair. It's somewhat resistant to curling, so if you're going to curl it, I would suggest overcompensating by about 50% by using smaller curlers and smaller sections of hair than you want the final result to be. It can be boil permed with VERY hot water... the hotter, the better. Saran hair is used primarily by Mattel (Barbie) and Tonner (Tyler, Sydney, etc.)

ACETATE: This synthetic more closely resembles human hair than the other synthetic hair types sold on this site. I don't know of any toys that were ever factory-rooted with it, but it's very pretty. It can be boil permed, if you wish, and it can withstand VERY hot water.

POLYPROPYLENE: In my opinion, polypropylene looks and feels just like nylon hair, although many customers have told me that it's more like a cross between saran and nylon. They say that it feels like saran, but it has the easy styling properties of nylon. Regardless, everyone who tries polypropylene absolutely loves it. The only drawback with polypropylene is that it's completely nonporous, which means that it can't be dyed with fabric dye, or scented with our doll hair fragrances. Once again, polypropylene should only be boil permed with mildly simmering water.

KANEKALON: As I state on the kanekalon hair ordering page, the kanekalon hair sold on Dollyhair is NOT the human-grade kanekalon that you can buy at your local beauty supply store. It is DOLL GRADE kanekalon, which is very different! Human grade kanekalon is manufactured with the idea of mimicking human hair. It is, however, manufactured by Asian companies, so their effort is to mimic ASIAN human hair. As a Caucasian person, I would much prefer to have the gorgeous, thick hair of an Asian girl, rather than my own Caucasian hair. However, you can probably imagine how such thick strands of hair would NOT be to scale on a small doll, such as Barbie. Human grade kanekalon ends up looking inappropriate on dolls, and it's very stiff and bristly. DOLL GRADE kanekalon, however, is comprised of VERY thin strands, and doll-grade kanekalon is gorgeous. It's extremely easy to style, and works well for both stick-straight styles AND very curly styles. It can withstand very heat, so you don't have to worry about melting it during a boil perm. It's the easiest to work with type of hair for beginners, and it's very versatile. Kanekalon hair is often used on Barbie dolls.

PILOT HAIR: Made by the Pilot company (you're probably familiar with their pens), Pilot hair is very elusive. Pilot makes synthetic hair that changes color! Some of their hair types change color very easily, while others aren't as sensitive. Pilot hair looks and feels very similar to nylon hair. I'm not actually sure WHAT kind of synthetic Pilot hair is, but I think it's safe to say that it's either nylon or polypropylene.

MOHAIR: One customer kindly informed me that it's not really mohair, it's wool! It's called "Cotswold Locks". The two seem like interchangeable terms to me, but what do I know about sheep? It looks and acts like mohair. It's great for more ethereal creations (fairies, mermaids, etc.) and, until started offering nylon hair to the public, it was pretty much the only option for polymer clay artists who had to bake their hair. It's really beautiful stuff, very organic-looking (because it is organic!), flyaway with a nice natural curl, and the sheep are never harmed! It's shipped from the farm of a friend of mine, one of the nicest ladies you'd ever meet. She takes really good care of the sheep and loves them dearly!

I am always happy to send out free samples of the saran and nylon hair. Unfortunately, I cannot offer samples of the curly hair and the mohair. If you would like some free samples (very small swatches, just so you can see the colors in person), please E-MAIL ME and let me know which colors you'd like to see. We ask that you limit your sample requests to five colors at a time. If you stay within this limit, the samples are always free, and the postage (no matter where you are located in the world) is free, as well. All you need to do is send me an email with your requested sample colors, along with your mailing address, of course.

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