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This page is reserved for our customers who have done beautiful reroots on any type of doll and who would like to post their photos here for others to see. If you would like your photos posted, please e-mail the photos to me HERE. If you have a website that you would like me to post the link to next to your photos, please e-mail me the website address as well, along with a banner advertisement (if you have one) for your website. I look forward to posting your photos! -Tina

by Anthony

by Sarah Paterik-

by Patricia Curlee-

by Sarah B. Seiter-

by Rachael-

by Jamie Thomson-

by Alexa Wolfe-

by Melanie-

by Angela-
swirl Barbie reroot in "peaches and cream" nylon hair

by Wysteria-
(original pony on the left, custom recreation with matching nylon hair colors on the right)

by Susan Smith-

By Eileen Sterbach-
polymer clay hand-sculpted dolls rooted with "pumpkin spice" and "garnet jewel", nylon hair, and then baked. The last doll has a wig made with "fairy's breath" nylon hair.

By Corine Heerema-

by Laurie Lenz-
Tonner doll rerooted with varying shades of nylon hair.

by Suzanna Smith-
reroot with virgin snow nylon hair

by Susan St Germain-

by Liz Stewart-

by Melissa-

by James Caplanides-
Mego dolls!

by Cristina Mengali-

by Jennifer Galambos-

by Jenn (FullmoonFever)-

by Anne Molina-

by Fabienne Martinez-

by Dayna S.-

by James Robertson-

by Leona Rivet-

by Shirley Rhyne-

by Tara Mckinnel-

by Veronique Pardini-

by Kris-

by Lisa Miller-

by Sherry Isenbarger-

by Kathy Colyer-

by Dragon620026

by Myra Miller-

by Tammy Capp-

by Brenda Nicole

by Clara Hendricks-

by Fabiola & Martha Hernandez-

by Ian Booth-

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